In general, if any person is injured in a motor vehicle accident,  “000” should be called immediately and the police, as well as any other necessary emergency services, will attend the scene.

If no person is injured, but any vehicle involved requires towing, or a person involved refuses to provide their contact details, then you should call the police to the scene via Police Link, on 131 444.

Queensland Police advise that if no person is injured and no vehicle requires towing, the accident does not need to be reported. However, Pru Shelton, Principal Lawyer at Shelton Law recommends that for insurance reasons, all road accidents ought to be reported to police as soon as possible after the event. 

“In the stress of the moment it may seem unnecessary to get the details of each driver, passenger and vehicle involved in the car accident, however those details are essential if you need to make a claim down the track. Keep in mind, sometimes injuries which may seem very minor at the time, may be excruciating a few hours or even days later.  Similarly, you may not realise how extensively a vehicle has been damaged until it has been assessed by a professional.”

If you elect not call the police to the scene of an accident, at the very least, you should obtain the following information and report it to Policelink shortly afterwards :-

  1. Photo of each driver’s license and their vehicle, including number plates;
  2. Name, address and phone number of any witnesses;
  3. Insurance details, if available; and
  4. Photographs of vehicle damage/injury.


This article is NOT legal advice. Strict time limits, rules and regulations apply to making a claims in Queensland. Any person considering a claim should seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.


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