Planning on driving at schoolies week 2017? Here are some hot tips to keep yourself and your friends safe:-

  • TIP 1:   Leave the car at home!
    The best tip for schoolies week drivers is not to drive at all. Most common schoolies destinations offer great public transport options and will have plenty of events on within a short walk of your accomodation.
  • TIP 2:   Stash your phone away, or give it to a text buddy. 
    If you are under 25, you can’t use a mobile phone of any type (even handsfree) at any time while driving. Give your phone to a passenger ‘text buddy’ or stash it away in the boot before driving.
  • TIP 3:   Embrace the “brunch” life.
    Before driving after a big night, ensure you are alert, fed and that any alcohol is completely out of your system. Try getting your friends together for a big, late brunch before getting in the car.
  • TIP 4:   Keep it to one passenger at a time.
    The more people in the car, the more likely it is that someone will distract you.
  • TIP 5:   Avoid drugs and alcohol if you plan to drive during the week.
    If you are planning to drive during Schoolies week, as opposed to just to the destination and back, this is the only real way to ensure you are under the legal limit. Remember, driving under the influence could cost you your license, your freedom or your life.


QUICK CHECK: Do you know what to do if you are involved in an accident?

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