Check out our summer road trip guide for a happier, safer and smarter journey these holidays.


TIP 1:  Have an OFFLINE map ready to go.

Nowadays we tend to rely on Google or Apple Maps for directions, but these apps generally rely on you having mobile phone reception. By downloading an offline map such as (it’s free) you will always have directions, even when you have no mobile reception.


TIP 2:  Grab these essentials

Before you leave, make sure you have water, snacks, suncream and a roll of toilet paper packed and in easy reach – you will probably use all three within a few hours!


TIP 3:  Stop, Revive, Survive.

It is important for all drivers to take break every 2 hours.  Driver reviver sites in Queensland operate at rest areas during most holiday periods. All sites have toilets and supply free coffee, tea and snacks.

Click here for more information about the Driver Reviver sites around Australia.


TIP 4:  Plan your entertainment

Prevent boredom by setting up a new playlist of upbeat music, or download an app of car games.

Check out these 10 fun games to play on your road trip from 


TIP 5:  Know what to do if something unexpected happens

Make sure you keep your roadside assistance contact number and your membership number handy, in case your vehicle breaks down.

If you are involved in an accident, make sure you take photographs of the damage, number plates and  license of any other driver involved. If you are injured in an accident, you should inform the police of the accident, obtain medical help, and seek legal advice.

REMEMBER: Strict time limits apply to making claims in Queensland. You should seek legal advice as soon as possible after an accident to ensure your claim is not barred.

Submit a free case review

Talk to a lawyer now


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